SJCAM M10 review 1

Model: SJCAM M10(No WIFI) Type : Action cam/Dashcam Mounts : Waterproof,handlebar,helmet,harness For factor : Cube Color : Black Purchase link : CODE GBM10LG (Approx 10$+ discount) Dashcam yay! So I got a new dashcam. Or should I say, I got another dashcam. Technically speaking its my third. But with SJ1000 going boom(things break when […]


The 60W light bar.. And the light bar buying guide… and stories 1

So, I got a LED light bar. Yes. 60W of pure Cree 10W each. Why you may ask. But some why’s do not have an answer. I collect flashlights. Whether its browsing on the streets of pataya, or the street markets in India, I pick up lights. The cheaper the better. From the street I […]

Andromeda Goes viral! 406

Over 15000 views in Just two days! I never expected it. To be frank, I did not even know what I was shooting. This was the ultimate accidental shot. I was pointing my fisheye in the sky, and taking 50s exposures(longest you can go without trailing). And then I decided, how about a 10s shot […]


So, I am here 382

Drupal, was nice but too complicated. Joomla was nice too… but then somewhat complicated. I really wanted Joomla to work. I guess the name sounds nice. But then I realized, all i will be doing is some “writing”. So why not go with the hurd. Even the beard man approves of hurd. I mean herd. […]