The Geo-spatial Information bill : Are they serious

The draft bill is here :   Some gems Every person who has already acquired any geospatial imagery or data of any part of India either through space or aerial platforms such as satellite, aircrafts, airships, balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles or terrestrial vehiclesor any other manner including value addition […]

Into the sun

Ordro Q505W 1296p Dashcam review

Disclaimer: Camera provided by Buy here : After reviewing excellent 1080P cameras(Mobius and SJCAM M10), I was pretty excited to review a 1296P dashcam. On paper, it sounds very nice. Higher resolution means better chance of catching the number plate, and better overall quality. Unfortunately, the Ordro Q505W […]

Got a VPN? Make sure you plug the leaks too!

A VPN. Its often touted as the all encompassing answer to your “blocked website” woes. Unfortunately, just getting a VPN and switching it on is not enough. To make sure you are complete protected you need to fix two common holes. DNS leaks : While data goes through VPN, your […]

SJCAM M10 review 3

Model: SJCAM M10(No WIFI) Type : Action cam/Dashcam Mounts : Waterproof,handlebar,helmet,harness For factor : Cube Color : Black Purchase link : CODE GBM10LG (Approx 10$+ discount) Dashcam yay! So I got a new dashcam. Or should I say, I got another dashcam. Technically speaking its my third. But with […]


Andromeda Goes viral!

Over 15000 views in Just two days! I never expected it. To be frank, I did not even know what I was shooting. This was the ultimate accidental shot. I was pointing my fisheye in the sky, and taking 50s exposures(longest you can go without trailing). And then I decided, […]

So, I am here 382

Drupal, was nice but too complicated. Joomla was nice too… but then somewhat complicated. I really wanted Joomla to work. I guess the name sounds nice. But then I realized, all i will be doing is some “writing”. So why not go with the hurd. Even the beard man approves […]