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Andromeda Goes viral!


Over 15000 views in Just two days! I never expected it. To be frank, I did not even know what I was shooting. This was the ultimate accidental shot.

I was pointing my fisheye in the sky, and taking 50s exposures(longest you can go without trailing). And then I decided, how about a 10s shot with my 50mm 1.8?

So I took a few shots, towards a north-ish direction, and guess what, one of the frames had this galaxy. Posting it online, I discovered, I had shot the andromeda galaxy!.


And this piqued my interest in “knowledgeable” Astro-Photography.

So no longer I was going to just point and shoot. It made me a “point” shooter. Find an interesting object in the night sky, and then shoot.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, I will acquire a tracking mount (my job at the Spoken English institute will start paying next month), and will be able to do much longer exposures. Night skies… here we come!

Go at to get more information.