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The Geo-spatial Information bill : Are they serious

The draft bill is here : http://mha.nic.in/sites/upload_files/mha/files/GeospatialBill_05052016_eve.pdf


Some gems

Every person who has already acquired any geospatial imagery or data of any
part of India either through space or aerial platforms such as satellite, aircrafts,
airships, balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles or terrestrial vehiclesor any other
manner including value addition prior to coming
of this Act into effect, shall within
one year from the commencement of this Act,make an application alongwith
requisite fees to the Security Vetting Authority for retaining such geospatial
information and grant of licence thereof.

This basically means if you have google saltellite imagery stored on your phone, you need to deposit some fees?

Any person who wants to acquire, disseminate, publish or
distribute any geospatial information of India, may make an application alongwith
requisite fees to the Security Vetting Author
ity for security vetting of such geospatial
information and licence thereof to acquire, disseminate, publish or distribute such
Geospatial Information in any electronic or physical form.
So what happens to stuff like openstreetmap, or using google maps?
The penalty section: Yes 1 crore fine and 7 years imprisonment

violates the terms and conditions mentioned thereof, he shall be punished with a fine
ranging from Rupees ten lac to Rupees one hundred crore and/orsuspension or
revocation of the licence and/orimprisonment for a period upto seven years.

I wonder who comes up with these bills. How disconnected they are from the real world? This is back to “No Photography allowed here”, but this time neither the camera, nor the location is under their control. What next? Claim all space from where India is visible? But then.. I shouldn’t give them ideas!