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Ordro Q505W 1296p Dashcam review

Disclaimer: Camera provided by gearbest.com. Buy here : http://goo.gl/QbmJJz

After reviewing excellent 1080P cameras(Mobius and SJCAM M10), I was pretty excited to review a 1296P dashcam. On paper, it sounds very nice. Higher resolution means better chance of catching the number plate, and better overall quality.

Unfortunately, the Ordro Q505W disappoints . Sure, its a 92$ 1296p dashcam, but with the abysmally low bitrate, it does not really feel really good. There are a couple of pluses though. Exposure and colors are pretty accurate, and the WIFI interface is good to use. But in the end, the overall quality is not very good. If you are able to get a much higher discount, well you can take a look at it, but at 92$, there are other options available.

Some screenshots(Click to see full size)

The Daytime footage has pleasing colors and exposure is good even against the sun. But the sharpness is clearly lacking

Daytime footage   Into the sun


The Night footage is quite bad. Even on well lit streets, its barely acceptable.

Night 2Night 1


And finally, lets take a look at the review video


TL;DR : Not recommended