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SJCAM M10 review

Dashcam yay!
So I got a new dashcam.
Or should I say, I got another dashcam.
Technically speaking its my third.

But with SJ1000 going boom(things break when handled hard you see), I needed a replacement.
Well, there is my mobious, works great, stellar community support, and stellar image quality too… But you see, that I use for a special purpose.
Primarily, timelapses, and other funky stuff.

I still needed something which can be used underwater, and used as a backup cam.
To be frank, I wanted a SJ4000, without WIFI of course, but the bulk was putting me off. The SJ1000 was also pretty heavy, and this I do not like. So, enter the SJ M10.
Same chipset, similar mounts but lighter and smaller. Not as small as the polaroid cube, but then polaroid cube costs quite a bit more.

So how is the image quality?
Well, its quite good. It has to be, its one of the best chipsets in budget cams.
Sure, it tends to underexpose a bit, but you can up the exposure a notch if that’s what you want.

Anyways, here are a couple of sample videos
First we look at how it performs as a Dashcam.
I have taken 4 different scenes
First is against the sun, second is normal, third is to show the slight vibration which might creep in, but its fixable, and last but not the least, the night shot capability.

Second, we will see how it does underwater.
As you can see, the white balance is handled perfectly, so is the exposure. Why would you spend over 250$ on a camera not even as capable?

The casing held up for many days of underwater use. No leaks at all.

Other things to note

  • You get waterproof case and action mounts, no car mount or charging cable
  • A car mount can be had for 2-3$, as for charging, your cell phone micro USB charger will do fine
  • When using the non waterproof mount, insert a small strip of paper between the mount and the camera at the bottom, and all the shake will go away
  • Increase exposure by one notch if you are using it for show off videos rather than documenting your driving. It makes the image brighter and more pleasing

Time for a few pictures

In the box


The full collection of mounts and sticky tapes. There are quite a few. For your helmet or handlebars, all you need is there. For your dash, however you got to buy the windshield mount separately. Do note that there is an additional waterproof case cover with the mount.


All the mounts


And last but not the least, there is the cradle mount, which you will use to mount to a tripod or a car suction cup. Good to know that this is much much better than SJ1000. Side by side comparison.